27TH AUGUST, 2021

Body WhisperingFOCUS

with Dr Adeela Afiz

Global Body Whisperer.
Internationally Certified Facilitator & Coach.
Mind-Body Specialist.

As featured in

OnlineBody Whispering Class: Changing Pain

27th August 2021 - 7 PM Auckland


Physical pain, emotional pain, chronic pain, debilitating pain, what kind of pain is stopping you in your life or your body?

This special focus class is a deep dive into understanding and changing pain that's stopping you in your life.

Pain is information, it shows us where there is dysfunction, dis-ease and where your natural ability to heal or grow has become stagnant. It shows us you are recreating a loop of hurt, distress and dysfunction rather than relief, ease and growth.

Class Information:
Friday  27th August 2021 Live Class
7 – 10pm NZT
Delivered Via Zoom
Replay available with lifetime access.

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    What has created the physical and emotional pain in your life?

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    How long have you had it?

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    Are you stuck in fight or flight mode rather than healing mode?

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    How can you change pain and the patterns of recurring pain in your life and body?

Then I invite you to

attend the Online Body Whispering Focus Class: Changing Pain

This is going to be a wonderful journey into understanding, changing and even appreciating the role of pain in your life so far AND finally having the information plus the healing tools and energy of Body Whispering to change it.


The magic of Body Whispering means that we will heal at all 3 levels of mind, body and energy and you will walk away with a simple yet powerful approach to create everything you desire and more!


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    Live Online Class

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    A group Body Whispering Session

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    Home play exercises

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    Lifelong access to this online class

Class & Country Pricing

Class Price

$125.00 usd List A Countries
$99 usd List B Countries