with Dr Adeela Afiz

Global Body Whisperer.
Internationally Certified Facilitator & Coach.
Mind-Body Specialist.

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OnlineBody Whispering Focus: Money

26th February 2021


Your time in the world

Welcome to listening and creating with the whispers of your body’s wisdom and knowing.

Are you looking for a conscious and empowering approach to your relationship with money?

Are you working with money to create and have more of it in this physical reality, or is past conditioning in your mind, body and belief system working against the creation of money?  If you feel stuck in a rut or feel disempowered, defeated and unhappy with your relationship with money maybe its time to change it?

This powerful short class includes:
– Facilitation
– A group Body Whispering Session
– Home play exercises
– Lifelong access to this online class

What are you waiting for?


Class Information:
Friday  26th Feb 2021 Live Class
7 – 10pm NZT
Delivered Via Zoom
Replay available with lifetime access.
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    Would you like to be reminded of the awesome power you have to create your life?

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    Are you ready to change the things you thought you couldn't change?

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    With your body, life and money?

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    Would you like to be reminded of your intuitive capacities to heal and be healed, through bodies and the whispers of consciousness as your medium for change and transformation?

Then I invite you to

The Body Whispering Focus Class on Money

This class will change your confidence and your certainty in how you show up as you and how you can tap into what you know.

It changes how you listen to and acknowledge the whispers of awareness and how to create money and physical resources in a way that works for you.



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    Live Online Class

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    Replay + Recordings of Class

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    Body Whispering Group Session

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    Home Play Exercises

Class & Country Pricing

Class Price

$125.00 usd List A Countries
$99 usd List B Countries