with Dr Adeela Afiz

Global Business Whisperer. Internationally Certified Facilitator & Coach.

Mind- Body Specialist.

Ready for a whole new world of possibilities in your service based business?

Practitioners, Healers, Facilitators, I have spent the last 8 years working with humanoids like you and I to change limitations into possibility and out-create even my own definitions of success in my life and businesses. Is now the time for you to do the same?

Who would have thought that travelling the word, facilitating, having my own classes, clients from all walks of life and even an online signature business programme (yes this one!!) would ever be things that were part of my business plan? Sometimes you have to learn to get out of your own way and follow the whispers of Intuition, of knowing, of infinite possibility to create the life you dare to dream about. Even if no one else around you quite gets it.

Are you willing to surrender to playing big, rather than staying committed to being small?

Is it time to make your service based businesses much more profitable, while staying authentic to YOU and who you naturally BE?

The Business UPgrade Programme is NOT a cookie cutter programme based on doing the same steps as everyone else.

This is a 3 month exercise in uncovering, unhiding and practicing how to consistently SHOW UP as you to create a life and business you love and that comes to you with ease and flow.

IF you have been wondering how to show up in your business and create success.

IF you are interested in doing so consciously and authentically

IF you are wondering where you can find a group of like minded people

PLUS the facilitation you require

AND practical and pragmatic action steps to move your business forward

I invite you to spend the last quarter of 2019 with me and your new Business UPgrade Pals to upgrade your business, your life and start 2020 as the year your dreams turn into reality.

No matter what success looks like for you, whether you want to work one on one with people, have classes around the world, a thriving and successful practice in your city that supports you and your family to live the life you want or move around the globe working with clients in person or online, this programme will help you get clear, get congruent, shift limiting beliefs and put all the theory and practice into action.

What will you be doing in our 3 months working together??

Creating Consciously

Working Intuitively

Having Consistency With Money

Experiencing Growth and Momentum

Creating Abundance With Time, Money & Energy

Use Your Awareness And Knowing To Create Your Business

Having Permission To Out-create Family, Friends & Colleagues

Aligning Subconsciously With What You Have Been Asking For

Saying Good-Bye to Fear and Doubt For Good & Being Empowered

Module 1

Business Foundations + Congruence

Module 2

Money, Mindset & Abundance

Module 3

Family, Conditioning, Past Programming & Lies

Module 4

Sales. Marketing. Client Attraction + Retention

Module 5

Systems For Success + Business Growth

Module 6

Conscious Leadership + Collaborative Entrepreneurship

+ + + Bonuses!

Online Orientation Day

Business Whispering Private Session

Private Interactive Facebook Group

Business UPgrade Workbook

Bonus Q&A Sessions

Money, Money, Money Clearing Audio

$1500 VALUE

Early Bird Special & Country Pricing Below

Business UPgrade Programme + Business Whispering Session


ALL Bonuses

Normally $1500USD:

$899 India

$999 Australasia

$1199 America / EU

3 Month Payment Plan

$299.66 X 3 India

$333 X 3 Australasia

$399.66 X 3 America / EU

Please Apply Below, Dr Adeela will be in touch to chat about your business and ensure this is programme is a good fit for you.

Join global Body + Business Whisperer, Access Consciousness CF, Mind- Body Specialist and host of The Business Whisperer Podcast, Dr Adeela Afiz for 3 months of changing your life and your business.

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