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If your current relationship with money isn't quite as healthy and abundant as you would like it to be, it might be reflecting your deepest thoughts and beliefs about yourself, what you are worthy of, and how much money you can receive with ease. Ready to change that?

In The 5 Day Money Challenge You Will:

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    Identify your Money Blocks

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    Create A New Relationship With Money

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    Tackle Your Limiting Beliefs

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    Be Empowered

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    Make More Money!

About Dr. Adeela Afiz

Dr Adeela Afiz is a Life & Business Facilitator and Creator unlike any other. She is a visionary who champions others to see possibilities, be daring and transform their life and success.

She is the founder of Body Whispering and Business Whispering and the Life Whispering Institute. She loves teaching and empowering clients around the globe with her unique blend of Mind-Body facilitation that will help you identify and clear subconscious blocks, change ingrained repetitive patterns and be the star of your own success story.

The 5 Day Money Challenge has become so successful at helping people change life-long habits and beliefs around money that it has become a highlight in hundreds of peoples calanders each year.


What people said about the last 5 Day Challenge

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    "Adeela - this challenge has been invaluable. Thank you so much for being you and showing up for us."

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    "Hi Adeela, I am here to acknowledge and to show my gratitude to you as I created everything I asked for in your previous 5 day money challenge. Thank you so much for that ❤️"

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    " I just watched Day 3. This is blowing my mind. Thank you so much. Value is priceless. Can’t even put a number on it"

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