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Dubai | ONLINE

Oct 10th & 11th 2022

Body whispering

with Dr. Adeela Afiz

Founder of Body Whispering & The Life Whispering Institute.
Internationally Certified Facilitator & Coach.
Mind-Body Specialist.

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Welcome to Body Whispering Class

dubai & online

10-11 October 2022


Welcome to the Body Whispering Class with Global Body Whisperer, Dr Adeela Afiz.

The Body Whispering Classes are designed to help facilitate you to greater expression, expansion and experience of being yourself!

It's time to uncover the gifts and talents you possess.

Keep reading if it's time to change your Life!

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    Would you like to be reminded of the awesome power you have to create your life?

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    Are you ready to change the things you thought you couldn't change?

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    With your body, life, money, health, relationships?

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    Actually, anything at all that is limiting you?

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    Are you a Facilitator, Practitioner or Healer who would like to add a powerful technique to your practice or start working with clients worldwide?

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    Would you like to be reminded of your intuitive capacities to heal and be healed through the whispers of consciousness and your own innate capacities?

Then I invite you to

attend the Body Whispering Class in person or ONLINE from anywhere in the world.

This 2-day deep dive class is our signature class, designed to empower, heal and facilitate you in all areas of your life. Learn to listen and work with the consciousness of your body, connect with your true self and be empowered to live a life you love. Body Whispering classes change you forever.

This class will change your level of confidence and your certainty in how you show up as YOU and how you can tap into what you know.

It class will teach you how you listen, hear and trust the whispers of awareness and to integrate change at all levels of mind, body and energy.


In this class we follow the energy, no two classes are ever the same.

During these two days, you will experience powerful facilitation, transformative bodywork, helpful demonstrations and participate in online body swaps that will develop your skills and deepen your relationship with yourself and change how you interact with every body and being around you.

After attending this class you will be a Body Whispering Practitioner who is able to provide Body Whispering Sessions to others in person and via distance.

This class helps you meet the prerequisites to become an Advanced Certified Body Whispering Practitioner and Facilitator.


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    2 Day Class + Practitioner Certificate

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    Replay + Recordings of Class

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    Body Whispering Class Manual

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    Body Whispering WhatsApp Group

Class Venue

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    Arjaan By Rotana Media City Dubai

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    Online Zoom from anywhere in the world

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    Accomodation Group Rate

    *Please quote Life Whispering Institute if booking accommodation at the venue


"I woke up this morning after the Body Whispering class like I was “limitless”. I am ready to hit the ground and create with the whispers which I could hear so loud in my awareness! What else is possible now?? I can’t begin to imagine what my life will be like now! Thank you Body Whispering Class and Dr Adeela for this gift!!!"

This class is absolutely amazing and I wish I had this informations before. I woke up this morning with a lot of ease like I have a new & happy body. This feels so good!!!

"Body whispering is creating so much fun and magic in my life I can’t even convey in words. I’m glad that I chose this class and truly grateful to Dr ⁨Adeela⁩ :two_hearts::heart:"

"Working with Adeela has changed my life. Big statement but true. To have someone with truly no judgment in her world and a genuine commitment to gently and fiercely at the same time get you to see your true potential and go for it. Nothing is off limits."

"This class was amazing as it was very empowering for me personally. I have been doing a lot of healing work for the last 15 years and own my healing center in Ahmedabad, India. This class opened up new possibilities and space for me. Being able to do Body whispering sessions with so much ease is truely a gift to all of us from the divine and Dr. Adeela."

"I would highly recommend people choose this class to empower themselves and empower others at these times, especially where our planet is going through so much shift and change"

Ready for more?

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    Become a Body Whispering Practitioner

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    Become a Body Whispering Facilitator

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    Ongoing Practitioner Trainings and Meetings Included

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    Body Whispering WhatsApp Group

Class Pricing

Body Whispering Class
Pay in Full

$699 USD One Time Payment

Body Whispering Class
Payment Plan

$249 USD x 3 Monthly Payments

Note: If you come to the venue, you may incur an extra fee. Fee amount to be announced before the event.

HiI'm Dr. Adeela Afiz

I've dedicated my life to creating the most authentic, empowered and aligned life and business for myself and my clients.

With over 15 years of experience as a Practitioner, Healer and Facilitator, I specialise in the Mind-Body connection and creating life-changing results for clients. . After spending over a decade in clinical practice as a Chiropractor, I realised that something was still missing. I was seeing what was creating the greatest changes for my clients wasn't the physical treatment, it was unlocking and releasing emotional baggage, stress and changing lifelong trauma they had been carrying around in their mind and body.

As I trusted myself and the awareness of what each client truly required to heal, the results were unmissable. Since then I have immersed myself in learning, understanding and teaching about the neurology, physiology and energy of changing your life. That's how Body Whispering was born. I now travel the world teaching this modality and certify other Body Whispering Practitioners around the globe.

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Dr Adeela Afiz is the founder of the Life Whispering Institute and its signature modalities, Body, Business and Baby Whispering.