CEO Accelerator

Build your own empire


with Dr Adeela Afiz & Expert  Team

Ready for so much more but stretched thin with your time and energy?

Let our team wrap our angel wings around you and lift you to CEO embodiment and accelerate your business with the backend support it needs so you can truly thrive.


Done with you, high touch mentorship, Transformation, business acceleration with system and strategy building to take your business from 6 to 7 figures.


6 Months to rapidly expand and transform With Dr Adeela Afiz, Internationally Acclaimed Facilitator & Coach. Mind-Body-Energy Specialist.

With support from Superstar Intuitive OBM Katie Kirsopp

And a group of powerfully aligned service providers to accelerate your success.


Coaching - Mentoring - Mastermind- Systems- Strategy- Success


Is one of a kind offering to nurture and accelerate your mind, body, business and energy for those looking to create a truly phenomenal life and business, quickly.

If you're expansion feels like its bottlenecked and you're trying to figure out if your next investment is a highly intuitive coach that guarantees transformation, wealth embodiment and rapid acceleration in your business OR the team support, systems and structure for your backend to take the pressure off and help you GET THINGS DONE... boy do we have something for you.

I remember the year I invested in my dream coach - just a few months in it led to biggest staff investment- the OBM  (Online Business Manager) that I just knew was the right fit, but I was TERRIFIED to make 2 huge financial commitments in the same 3 month period.

What happened after was rapid growth. That hire has led to multiple hires of the most aligned and productive team for my business. The VA's, Podcast editor, web developer, and graphics team that allowed my business to flourish and the investment to more than pay off.

Can you tap into the liberation... imagine being the business owner who can go back to doing what you do best- channelling your greatest offers, being creative, offering your client services, seeing the money come in and having the team take care of the rest?

I didn't believe it was possible for me- where would I find a team that I could trust enough to hand over to? Until I did. And now I want to lend you my super team to help you do the same.

If you feel stuck in your expansion, you know there is more possible but really you just dont have the capacity - what you need is space.

Space in your mind- let's declutter your thoughts and clear your path.

Space in your body- let's take all that stress off your shoulders and get you off the hamster wheel.

Space in your energy- you can't embody your quantum leap while your energy is frazzled, scattered and there is no capacity for MORE.

The Buil Your Own Empire- CEO Accelerator is our most comprehensive offering yet and I have yet to find anything that comes close!


What our offering includes:

- Coaching 

- Healing

-  Transformation 

- Systems Creation

- Strategy Implementation

- Outsourcing 

- Team Creation 

- BYOE Mastermind


What We Can And Will Help You With:

A complete business overhaul or fine-tuning of your current back end.

Systems & strategy done with you and done for you to create utmost ease and flow.

Team Member sourcing - use our shortlist of candidates for your business.

Use our partners and preferred service providers to take the headache out of choosing contractors from all over the world. Save time, money and energy by using our trusted and tried service providers 

Project Management 

Podcast Creation

Ebook Creation 

Signature Offer Crafting 

Funnel creation 

Copy Support 

Ads & Marketing 

SOP creation 


Via a comprehensive immersion and wrap-around service where each month you will have:

CEO Coaching Session

Healing Session

Strategy Session

Channelling Your Intuitive Offers

Intuitive OBM Consults  

BYOE Mastermind Sessions

Voxer Support


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    Establish yourself as the CEO in your business and embody that shift

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    Rapidly accelerate in your business growth and income

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    Create multiple 6 to 7 figures in Business without distractions and overwhelm

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    Be fully supported in your mind, body and energy to integrate your next level success

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    Fall in love with your business again and get to show up to do the things you want to

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    Have it all. Save time, money and energy without having to choose between coaching, systems or team to grow your business

Meet Katie

Think of me as your online business architect. I have a deep understanding of what it takes to design & build a business that simply runs beautifully. I’m here to be your biggest fan while handing out the tough love that your business needs.

Together we’ll design, build and operate your beautiful business with optimised people, practices, processes and products. We’ll channel our energy into the most aligned opportunities for your business, optimising all the key elements and putting them into action with the perfect operational solution.

No more compromises. 

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    Certified Human Design Reader



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    Intuitive Hiring Expert

    No more wasted time and dollars on the wrong hire!



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    Operations Expert

    Active Campaign

    And more! I can help optimise your current systems or build from the ground up. 


The CEO Accelerator is the bridge to deliver you the success you crave

The first stepof the application process is to submit the form below

this will be followed by a one on one with Dr Adeela and Katie to learn more about your business and ensure this is the perfect fit for you and your business at this time.


The value you get from this programme is INSANE.

This year we are offering the 12 Month BYOE Mastermind, guest experts and trainings


CEO Accelerator weekly 1:1 sessions, system and strategy integration and private voxer support for 6 months.

We would love to hear about your business! If you are ready to invest in the best of all worlds Please Apply Below, we will be in touch to ensure this is the perfect fit for you and your business.

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