Business Whispering Class
27-28 March 2021

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Welcome to the Business Whispering Class with Global Business Whisperer Dr Adeela Afiz

The Business Whispering Class is designed to facilitate you to creating greater business and financial success.


Are you a service-based entrepreneur or business owner?


Do you feel overwhelmed or unable to figure out what to do next to grow your business?

Join us for this special class that will help you to really and truly overcome your resistance to Business success, heal your past with money, change limiting beliefs and allow yourself to prosper into your future.

Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, CEO’s, Executives and those who know more is possible in the world of business and money, Business Whispering is for you.

I invite you to attend the Business Whispering Class ONLINE


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This 2-day deep dive class doesn’t follow old school methods and models to create. This class brings you to the cutting edge of conscious business creation.

The Business Whispering Class removes the conflict between your head and your heart. As a spiritual, conscious or highly intuitive being, you might struggle with the form, structure and "rules" of business. Are you wondering how to incorporate both or are you looking for clarity, ease and a lot more confidence in creating or growing your business?

In this class, you will:

  • Learn to work to your natural strengths and abilities.


  • Be aware of the whispers of your business.


  • Respond to the intuitive guidance available to you from the universe to create success beyond the norm.


  • You will walk away from this class with a new level of capacity and confidence in your own abilities and with the permission and tools to create beyond the status quo.


Everything in your life can change when you get congruent with your business and your money flow.

Is now your time?

*This class helps you meet the prerequisites to become a Certified Business Whispering Coach. 


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Class & Country Pricing

Business Whispering Class Price

$699 List A Countries
$599 List B Countries

Repeating Price (Use Code BWREPEAT)

$599 List A Countries
$499 List B Countries

Body & Business Whispering Package

$1298 List A Countries
$1098 List B Countries