with Dr Adeela Afiz

Why be a Money Whisperer? 

Your thoughts, your energy, your vibration and your beliefs about money create your reality with money. Money, like everything, is something that is available to you in abundance based on what you be and do each day.

The Money Whisperers club is a safe and empowering space to help you stay aligned and focused on the reality you would like to have with money, no matter where you have come from and what is going on around you. Ready to get in the driver's seat of your financial reality?

This Programme is for you if:

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    You want to start your week with a live exercise every Monday to clear, create and invite more money into your life and business and cultivate your new money mindset.

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    You are looking for Support. Be part of our members only Facebook and WhatsApp groups - a safe space to share your money goals, celebrate and find your posse to help you make that money!

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    You want to access life changing exercises at a super low monthly subscription, cancel anytime. 

About Dr. Adeela Afiz

Dr Adeela Afiz is a Life & Business Facilitator and Creator unlike any other. She is a visionary who champions others to see possibilities, be daring and transform their life and success.

She is the founder of Body Whispering and Business Whispering which utilises her unique blend of Mind-Body facilitation that will help you identify and clear subconscious blocks, change ingrained repetitive patterns and be the star of your own success story.

Her 5 Day Money Challenge and Business Classes and programmes have become so successful at helping people change life long habits and beliefs around money and to become free of limitations, it felt only right to offer an ongoing option so people could be immersed in this energy year round.


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