with Dr Adeela Afiz

Global Body Whisperer. Internationally Certified Facilitator & Coach.

Mind- Body Specialist.

Welcome to the Body Whispering Class with Global Body Whisperer,

Dr Adeela Afiz

The Body Whispering Classes were designed to help facilitate you to a greater experience of being here in your body.

Would you like to be reminded of the awesome power you have to create your life?

Are you ready to change the things you thought you couldn't change?

With your body, life, money, health, relationships?

Actually, anything to do with being here in your body?

Are you a facilitator, practitioner or body worker who would like to add some powerful tools to your practice when it comes to working with clients?

Would you like to be reminded of your intuitive capacities to heal and be healed, through bodies and the whispers of consciousness as your medium for change and transformation?

Then I invite you to attend the Body Whispering Class coming up in Mumbai.

This 2-day deep dive class is designed to help you tap into the consciousness of your body and the ability it has to facilitate you to more joy, consciousness and fun. Body Whispering classes change you for ever.

It changes your confidence and your certainty in how you show up as you and how you can tap into what you know.

It changes how you listen to and acknowledge the whispers of awareness.

In this class we follow the energy, no two classes are ever the same. During these two days you will experience unique facilitation, body work, demonstrations and body swaps that will develop your skills and deepen your relationship with yourself and how you interact with every body and being around you.

This class helps you meet the prerequisites to become a Certified Body Whispering Practitioner.

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+ Audio Recordings of Classes

+ Body Whispering Class Manual

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