Life Whispering Club

Looking for a club like no other?

Life is an adventure and it should feel like one!

But if instead, you feel stuck, down or depressed about any or all areas of life creation, whether it's money, business, a healthy body, or empowering relationships, life can start to feel like a drag. You need to find a way to become your very own life whisperer!


Have you ever had these experiences?

Maybe you have become disconnected from the power you have to create the life you desire?

Maybe stress is stopping you from tapping into the possibly that surrounds you?

Maybe you feel alone and that you dont have anyone to support, guide or remind you of how incredible you are and how magical life can be?

Your thoughts, your energy, your vibration and your beliefs create your reality.

Life Whispering Club is a safe and empowering space to help you stay aligned and focused on the reality you would like to have. 

No matter where you have come from and what is going on around you, you can be empowered and inspired about creating your dream life as a member of the Life Whispering Club.

Each call will help you calibrate and align your thoughts, your energy, your vibration and your beliefs to creating and having the outcomes you desire. 

Coaching with Dr Adeela Afiz is a powerful and unique experience which integrates mind, body & energy and adding in the monthly energetic activation calls is guaranteed to take your success to the next level.

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If you are looking for...

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    Access to global facilitator, healer and business coach Dr Adeela Afiz

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    Live Facilitation

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    Exclusive Content

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    Energetic AND practical tools, tips and coaching to help you create all areas of your life

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A unique membership offer

to help you navigate through all areas of life, money, business, health and creation.

2 x Live & Interactive Calls Each Month: 

1 x Monthly Life Coaching Call (Live & Interactive)

1 x Monthly Energetic Activation Call (Live & Interactive)

Private FB Group

Members Only portal 

Homeplay Exercises

Access To All Previous Replays While In The Club 


The best thing about Life Whispering Club??




This is YOUR space to ask, clear and create whatever you wish to. The group calls create a supportive environment for you to be vulnerable and RECEIVE the guidance, help and support you need and become familiar with all the tools and energies of Body Whispering, Business Whispering and Life Whispering.


These modalities help you create your life with flow, alignment and magic rather than hustle heartache.

This IS for you if ...

You want access to 2 x  live calls per month to create and invite more MAGIC into your life and business.

You are looking for Support. Be part of our members only Facebook group and members portal- a safe space to share your goals, celebrate and find new friends to help you feel empowered and supported. .

You want to access the unique and powerful work and energy of Dr Adeela Afiz + life-changing awareness and exercises at a super low monthly subscription, cancel anytime.

Club Launch Special: $55/month

To celebrate the launch of Life Whispering Club we are offering you an amazing deal on your membership. You can lock in a monthly rate of $55usd/month (will be $125) if you join by Oct 2021.

(Memberships are billed monthly, cancel anytime)