Body Whispering

Group Session 

 Dr Adeela Afiz, founder of Body & Business Whispering will be facilitating you and your body through a unique and healing experience at a very special price.

Whether you have been wondering what on earth a Body Whispering session is and what it's like or you are a veteran Body Whisperer and you want to dive back into this ever expanding, nurturing and healing energy, this is your chance!!

A very special event is coming up for you on Sunday the 9th of August. Discover and experience the energy of a Body Whispering Group Session, facilitated by Dr Adeela Afiz, Founder of Body & Business Whispering.

Join this live and interactive session from anywhere in the world and receive the replay to use again at your leisure.

If there is something in your body, health or life that you would like to change, maybe this is what you have been looking for?

Heal Your Body

Change Your Life

Receive From The Earth

Tap Into Your Intuitive Capacities


What people are saying about Body Whispering

" I had no idea about the potency of our  our body to the extent that I understand it now!"

"Thanks Adeela, I am feeling so light and expansive as if a huge lingering burden has been lifted off."

" I soo love this and am soo grateful Adeela - 🙏🌺🙏 Body Whispering is creating so much fun and magic in my life I can’t even convey it in words. I’m glad that I chose this class, I am truly heartfully grateful to ⁨Dr Adeela Afiz⁩ 💕"

"I wished to share with you that I have been doing Body Whispering for my pet dog who got diagnosed with lymphoma and is undergoing chemo,  the sessions have had miraculous results and she is up and about in a week, something that the vet has also been surprised about.. so thankful to you and Body Whispering"


– Name, and where they are from

Sunday 9th August

Your time in the world here

$55 USD Only 

Live call featuring Group Body Whispering Session 

Audio Replay