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Sue Burgess

Working with Adeela has changed my life. Big statement but true. To have someone with truly no judgment in her world and a genuine commitment to gently and fiercely at the same time get you to see your true potential and go for it. Nothing is off limits. If you have not tapped into your true potential or don’t even have a clue what that might be? Adeela will flesh it out with you and show you possibilities and practical steps to get there. You will be poked and prodded and taken out of your comfort zone. Supported every step of the way.

She is the real deal. My advice. Don’t hesitate. Jump in. You will be glad you did. Adeela much gratitude to you and all you bring to those of us seeking a path to a bigger life and living the best version of us.

Sue Burgess


Adeela is a Miracle Worker. Don’t see her if you don’t want to change!


Auckland, New Zealand

Dear Adeela,
I have tried writing this to you before but I was always short of words.
The energy which you are spreading in this world through us is sooo phenomenal that I can’t tell you how many lives it’s changing. Your energy and presence in my life has made me realise my purpose of this lifetime.
You have been changing so many lives.Thank You so much for being there and creating this wonderful energy available to this world.