Body Whispering – Facilitators Training List A (January 2022)


Facilitator Training Nov 2021

4.5 Days



Facilitator Training Nov 2021

4.5 Days



  • 4.5 Day Class Certificate
    Audio Recording
    Class Manual
    WhatsApp Group
    Facebook Group 
    Monthly Practitioner Meeting
    Profile on Worldwide Database 
    Facilitator Certification
    Referral Network
    Life Whispering online platform
    Part of worldwide promotions and marketing to grow your business
    Admin support
    Facilitating syllabus, content, framework. 
    Facilitator framework, supervision and support for working with clients  
    Can provide:

    -Body Whispering sessions 

    -Group Sessions

    -Facilitate classes and tasters

    Support to grow business and Promote classes.