Global Business Whisperer. Internationally Certified Facilitator & Coach.

Mind- Body Specialist.

Do you need a virtual retreat day that is designed to get you clear, congruent and creating your business all in one ease filled day???

Service based business owners, I have spent the last 8 years working with humanoids like you and I to change limitations into possibility and out-create even my own definitions of success in my life and businesses. Is it finally time for you to do the same?

This one day online business retreat is designed to get you "kickstarted" into high level creation mode whilst being supported energetically and practically to create your business foundation, all in one day!

IF you have been wondering how to start or revamp your business idea or model

IF you are looking for how to pivot to the current global climate and economy

IF you are looking for expertise and help in a supportive environment

The Online Business Retreat Day is for you!

This one day will give you:

The information you are looking for to move forward,

PLUS the facilitation you require,

AND practical and pragmatic action steps to really create your business.

What will you be doing on Business Retreat Day?

Meet on a live Zoom call with your fellow creators

Ask for what you require help with throughout the day

Clear your blocks to creating

Have time and space allocated to implement action steps such as setting up

-Social Media accounts

-Facebook Groups



Make connections with fellow cretors to create a support network

Leave feeling confident and congruent with what you are creating and where you are heading in business.

Money Mindset

Business Model Clarity

Social Media Basics

Business Foundations

Friday 1st of May

Was $199


$99 USD


INCLUDED as a bonus

If you are choosing the 3 month Business UPgrade programme

Register and pay Below.

Please note you do not need to register or pay for this day if you are already registered for the Business UPgrade Programme.

Join global Body + Business Whisperer, Access Consciousness Facilitator, Mind- Body Specialist and host of The Business Whisperer Podcast

Dr Adeela Afiz for an online business creation retreat.