Join The Ultimate Container For Conscious Coaches, Healers and Intuitives. Yes, you can have it all. 

Coaching - Traning- Mastermind

It's time to thrive.

Are you ready to activate MONEY & WEALTH in your intuitive business, scale with systems and heal the past to actualise the life you've always dreamt of??

More importantly, are you ready to be SUPPORTED and realise you don't have to do this alone?

You may be painfully aware of the possibility and potential you hold BUT your business growth and income still seem to plateau.

Do you feel like you're already doing as much as you can, trying to keep up with social media posting, running your business and keeping your head above water but you can't break through to the next level?

I get it.

You don't need any more "generic" business advice.

You don't have the bandwidth to add another free Facebook group, challenge or even call to your diary.

And you KNOW about energetic tools and management, you are no rookie.

SO how do you get to the next level?  In a way that is truly aligned and authentic for YOU!?

It's time for you to really show up... but HOW?!

Ready to discover what will REALLY move the needle forward and create the next big jump in your business AND income? It's time to stop playing small and start building your empire.

Imagine being in an inspiring container of mentorship, growth and creation to scale your business to the next level.


For too long, the most talented, generative and inspiring souls on this planet, the Healers, Coaches, Practitioners and Facilitators, those that prioritise impact and contribution have been left behind when it comes to business and financial success. 


Let's cut through all the noise. Let's get clear about you sharing your talent with the world. Lets talk about BIG impact, let's talk about visibility and no longer being the best-kept secret.  It's time for you and your business to stop surviving and embody thriving.

I know the amazing work you do with your clients, in your one on one sessions, with your word of mouth referrals. I was the same. But it's time to amplify that. It's time to have the success you deserve, to be abundantly rewarded for what you do, and to do it in a way that is honouring of YOU.

Build Your Own Empire Is A One Of A Kind, Global Coaching Programme For Those Looking To Create A Truly Phenomenal Life And Business.

Ready for real results?

We will be adding 5-10k more to your monthly income and then quantum leap from there.

We will be creating with alignment rather than hustle.

You will feel supported as you are coached on all the practical steps you need to take AND learning and implementing the energetic mastery and mindset magic to bring it all together.

Sometimes you need someone who has been there to help guide you in creating your very own empire.

Remember, the most important ingredient is YOU. This programme isn't about making you be or do things that you are not, it's about allowing you to truly show up and shine as the greatest version of yourself, as a service-based entrepreneur that is here to impact the world.

So Much Value You Won't Believe It !!!

Virtual business immersion day  

1:1 Onboarding session with Dr Adeela Afiz

2 x Month group coaching calls

Guest Expert Training & Coaching 

Group Voxer or Whatsapp

Healing & Transformation work to support your uplevel 

What is it - how does it work?

Build Your Own Empire is a one of a kind coaching and group mastermind program that includes personal healing and transformation, business growth and wealth embodiment for those looking to create a phenomenal life and business.

It combines coaching sessions, healing and business training from Dr Adeela Afiz and guest experts in every area of running a business in a global economy, plus peer support in a year-long group mastermind.

It is also the training ground to become a certified Business Whispering Coach through the Life Whispering Institute.

If you're a service based business owner , entrepreneur or CEO who wants to scale quickly and efficiently to the next stage, in an aligned and authentic way this programme is for you.

This programme will get you embodying the next level of success FAST. You will feel incredibly supported and we bring the best experts to you over 12 months.

The goal of BYOE is to establish the foundation that your Business Empire is built on. We achieve in one year what it may take you 5 years or more to achieve on your own. Now thats an investment worth making!

This Is Life Changing... 

“Dr Adeela Afiz⁩, you changed my life with this program and I'm infinitely grateful for you and this amazing team. Love you all."

Amel, UAE

Money + Impact

"BYOE got me to look at all the places I was stopping myself and what I could specifically do to move forward. The clarity on the energetics as well as actionable steps helped me immensely. I can finally see myself doing something that creates an impact on the planet while including money. It isn’t either-or in my world.

BYOE Participant 2021

Expansion is here!

“Thank you so much Adeela. It is so amazing to have expanded and stepped up vibrationally. I am loving this space and willing to be and have SO much more.”

BYOE Participant 2021

So, what's actually included?


B.Y.O.E. Virtual Immersion Retreat

A virtual business retreat day to immerse yourself in EMPIRE ENERGY. This will help you gain clarity, realise what action steps you require to move the needle in your business and kick off the planning phase to start building your very own business empire. You also get to meet and network with your new mastermind buddies.    


1:1 session with Dr Adeela Afiz

1 x Onboarding session with Dr Adeela Afiz to plan your 12-month journey so you can hit the ground running. Use this session to be supported and be facilitated in any area of mind, energy or strategy that you are struggling with in your business. 


Monthly Group Coaching Call

Monthly group coaching calls covering major themes critical to intuitive business success, healing work, transformation, scale through income levels, upgrade your social media strategy, visibility and growth. Everything is covered from Practical steps to energetic clearing and mindset work.


Monthly Mastermind/Guest Expert Training

Monthly group mastermind session with your mastermind buddies, guest experts, special healing sessions, training and more. This is the space to bring your projects, get industry-specific help and leverage the power of the network.


B.Y.O.E Whatsapp Support Group

Stuff coming up in between sessions?! We have a private Whatsapp group to help you with questions, feedback and to celebrate your wins or cheer you on during the tough times.


Online Membership Portal

All your resources in one place with extra bonuses and no hassle. You have unlimited access to your beautiful membership portal to find everything you need to create your success!


  • Business Structure – build your empire’s foundation
  • Aligned Strategy – fill your offers and create flow
  • 10x Your Revenue
  • Mindset Leaps – Integrate Your Success Without Upper Limits
  • Personal Healing & Transformation – your business can’t grow if you don’t
  • Support from leading Healers, Coaches and Industry Experts – from copywriting to energetic attunement, we have you covered!


Bonus Training Modules

Bonus training modules from guest experts on Social Media, systems, organisational structure and more!


Money, Body & Intuition Audios

Your secret weapon to create with the whispers of intuition, awareness and alignment.

This IS for you if ....

You are an Energetic or Intuitive Business Owner, Coach, Practitioner or Facilitator.

You have a greater demand of what you would like to create for your business.

You wish to create multiple 6 to 7 figures in your Business.

You are ready to do the work while being supported and mentored.

You are ready to commit to creating the life you desire.

This is NOT for you if ...


You don't wish to commit to creating success and income growth this year with ease 

You don't have a current business that we can help you scale. (Check out Business UPgrade instead)

You don't want to implement any changes to grow your business.

You dont want 360° support in your business that includes mind, body, systems and energy

You don't believe in alignment, energy and conscious creation!

Meet your expert

hi there,

I'm Dr Adeela Afiz

Over 12 years ago when I graduated as a Chiropractor, I could not have imagined the amazing Business I have and the life I get to live now.

Evolving and growing my mindset, belief and capacity to go from being a practitioner who only worked 1:1 with clients for $50/session to being the founder of my own healing and business coaching modalites (Body Whispering and Business Whispering), the Founder of the Life Whispering Institute and having income, assets and investments worth millions of dollars has certainly been a journey.


It took me over a decade but it doesn't have to take you that long.


The truth is, growth often happens in quantum leaps and my biggest leap in business and income occurred from applying and implementing change in just 18months.

With the right information, aligned action and  a conducive environment, you can get there so much faster. Building your own Business Empire is not only possible for you, its achievable.

I am going to give you everything I know to get  you there in this programme without telling you that you need to stop being you, that you can't work less to make more or that you need to sacrifice having an amazing family life, health or relationships at the same time.

It's possible to have it all and I'm proof!

Im looking forward to inviting you in to my inner circle and being your cheerleader and coach while creating a more conscious and empowering world around us and having greater impact.

I'm here to help you create a life and business that is greater than what you imagined.

This will be a year of commitment to growth, development and success. You will meet peers to share your wins with and create new friendships to support you through the hard lessons with. If you are willing for it to be, it can be the year that changes everything for your life and business.

The world is changing rapidly and there has never been a more important time for you to be empowered in what you do and supported in knowing that you are capable of the success you dream of, with all the resources you may need along the way.

Building your own empire doesn't happen overnight, which is why we spend a year together to really create the foundation that your empire will stand on.

If not now, then when?


Coaching, Facilitation and World Class Training from Dr Adeela Afiz and Guest Experts in every area of running a business in a global economy.

Ready to start building your Business Empire in an aligned and intuitive way?


Deposit paid upfront

    • $500 deposit to secure your place in the programme


    • Gives you access to our bonus training material


    • Start laying the ground work from your initial one on one session for 2022


$375 per month

x 12 Monthly Payments

    • 12 easy monthly payments of $375


    • 2 Mastermind Calls each month, Guest Experts, Immersion Retreat,  Group Chat, Bonus Healings


    • Unbelievable value for a year of growth, support, mentorship and success!


Build Your Own Empire: VIP


Deposit paid upfront

    • $500 deposit to secure your place in the programme


    • Gives you access to our bonus training material


    • Start laying the groundwork from your initial one on one session


$799per month

x 12 Monthly Payments

    • 12 easy monthly payments of $799


    • 2 Mastermind Calls each month, guest experts, Immersion Retreat,  Group Chat, Bonus Healings


    • Plus Monthly 1:1 with Dr Adeela Afiz,  and VIP Private Voxer coaching and support in between calls and sessions.


Build Your Own Empire: CEO Accelerator

The Ultimate Accelerator, designed to save you time, money and energy so you can truly leap ahead in your business without the hustle and heartache. If you thought you weren't ready or couldn't afford a team AND high-level coaching, check out this offer.

(Limited Spots Available For The Accelerator Programme)

Life Changing

“Thank you for this amazing adventure where we learn to build our life and future empire stone-by-stone and step-by-step. This adventure certainly is life changing.”

BYOE Participant 2021

Words Fall Short

“Words fall short when expressing my gratitude for the year-long Build Your Own Empire Programme with Dr Adeela Afiz. This program has opened spaces I didn’t even know existed for my Business. It showed me what can be created is truly beyond words when I am consistent and present in my work. Thank you Dr Adeela for being that space and for the encouragement with your kind and gentle nurturing, and to my fellow participants for all of your support.”

BYOE Participant 2021


Are there refunds?

There are no refunds. This is why we go through a thorough application process to make sure this programme is the right fit for you before we join, so you KNOW it's the right investment.


How do I know if it's the right fit for me?

When you know, you know. As an intuitive, if you made it this far, that's probably a sign and If you are looking for support, mentorship and MORE MONEY, this is for you.


Can I leave the programme early?

No. We are asking for a 12-month Commitment to ensure both you and your fellow participants have a safe, honouring and successful experience! We want to give you the greatest possible experience to unwind, trust, receive and uplevel to the income and impact you’ve been dreaming about


How do I become a Business Whispering Certified Coach?

By completing this programme not only will you be learning and growing SO much personally and professionally, but it also allows you to go on and become a Business Whispering Certified Coach once you have met the other prerequisites.


Will this help me in other areas of my life?

Of course. Your level of self-belief, confidence and trust will increase across all areas of life. You will also learn and implement important skills for all areas of your life such as looking after your health and body, creating boundaries, acing time management and avoiding burnout.


I promise, if I can do it, you can too.

My business allows me to show up as ME, share my unique gifts while being able to work from anywhere in the world. I get to work on the most incredible projects, whether its my podcast or designing the Retreat Venue we just purchased for the Life Whispering Institute.

The crazy thing is, I work less and get to create more. I have more work-life balance AND more money than I used to. That's the beauty of bringing together Energy + Strategy, its all about aligned action and conscious creation and I'm so grateful to be able to share this work with you too.

Ready to start building your Business Empire in an aligned and intuitive way?


Deposit paid upfront

    • $500 deposit to secure your place in the programme


    • Gives you access to our bonus training material


    • Start laying the ground work from your initial one on one session for 2022


$325 per month

x 12 Monthly Payments

    • 12 easy monthly payments Jan - Dec 2022


    • Includes all live sessions, guest experts and retreats


    • Unbelievable value for a years worth of growth, support, mentorship and success!


Amazing Journey

"It's been an amazing 12-month journey and I have certainly grown from where I started. I know as a matter of fact I am building my empire. The clarity, joy and enthusiasm I now have is not only evident within my business but also within my life.

I am no longer a slave to my business, I am living as I create my business.


Reshma, India


"Thank you Adeela for a phenomenal BYOE program. I am so grateful for the space you held and the practical steps you provided. It enabled me to overcome the current challenges within my business."

Suruchi, India