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What others are saying:

Adeela is a truly amazing person who I cannot speak highly enough of. For anyone who is looking to be helped in their business or healed in a personal capacity, I cannot recommend Adeela enough. My sessions with her have enabled me to resolve past issues, move forward and gain momentum and success in both my life and in my business. I look forward to my sessions with Adeela as I know the enormous benefits and gains that result from each and every session.

Shona Brown - Auckland, New Zealand

Adeela is an incredible, intuitive, integrative practitioner. I have really appreciated her support in helping me get to the root of my issues.

Audra- Brisbane, Australia

My entire team has regular individual sessions with Dr Adeela Afiz. Applying the tools from her facilitation and methods, I have a team that is more driven, more confident, more focused and better at achieving outcomes than ever before.

Garry Singh- Auckland, New Zealand

I have been taking sessions with Dr Adeela Afiz on business, relationship and body and the changes I have been asking for are showing up so much faster and with more ease! Her forthright, no nonsense style of processing hits home every time for me! Thank you for your magic Adeela.

Tulika Singh- Delhi, India

Adeela’s work is amazing! I love the way every session is different and based on exactly what is needed at that moment in time – things shift and move quickly. She is gentle in her approach yet also knows when you need that slap in the face when you’re just not getting it! She facilitates your growth in an empowering way using the many tools she has at her disposal and her own inspiring energy so that you have complete ownership and direction on where you’re heading.

Melissa Cameron- Auckland, New Zealand

Adeela is professional, compassionate and intuitive in her approach, utilizing multiple techniques to address any issue. I would recommend her to anyone interested in improving their life and wellbeing!

Jessica St Claire- USA