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Adeela is a Miracle Worker. Don’t see her if you don’t want to change!

M.C, Auckland, New Zealand

Working with Adeela has changed my life. Big statement but true. To have someone with truly no judgment in her world and a genuine commitment to gently and fiercely at the same time get you to see your true potential and go for it. Nothing is off limits. If you have not tapped into your true potential or don’t even have a clue what that might be? Adeela will flesh it out with you and show you possibilities and practical steps to get there. You will be poked and prodded and taken out of your comfort zone. Supported every step of the way.

She is the real deal. My advice. Don’t hesitate. Jump in. You will be glad you did. Adeela much gratitude to you and all you bring to those of us seeking a path to a bigger life and living the best version of us.

Sue Burgess, Australia

I have been taking sessions with Dr Adeela Afiz on business, relationship and body and the changes I have been asking for are showing up so much faster and with more ease! Her forthright, no nonsense style of processing hits home every time for me! Thank you for your magic Adeela

Tulika Singh, The Netherlands

Adeela has worked with both myself and my son and there’s no one I’d trust more to support and empower us on our journey! There’s almost nothing she can’t help with as she’s a gifted mind and body practitioner with both children and adults. She achieves massive change in single sessions which is helpful on many levels. Thank you Adeela.

Cameron Family, Auckland, New Zealand

If anyone could look through your very core and truly know the real you, here she is!
Connect with her only if you’re ready for the tsunami of change she will instil in your world. You’ll never be the same again and you’ll come out the other side being more YOU than you’ve ever been! With gratitude and love,

Prerna Wadhwa, Mumbai, India

Gave me a completely new perspective and insight on what can be added to the business.

Kapoor, Delhi, India

The Business Upgrade Programme has definitely worked my mind up and I’m now very positive about rewriting a beautiful career path. I had lost almost everything, money, hopes, all that I thought was possible.I even began to question my existence. Today I know I am in a different zone and my choices are different.

Sindhu, India

It’s hard to put how amazing the work that you do is into words. Working with Dr Adeela has changed my life in every aspect. She is honestly incredible and I value the sessions with her so much. Dr Adeela has this presence, this energy to her that is blissful to be around. She has helped me with my health, my marriage and my self esteem. I am forever grateful for the work Adeela does and I couldn’t recommend her more.

Melissa Jane, New Zealand