Body Whispering X Wealth Whispering:

Group Session & Masterclass

October 6th 2022
12pm Dubai | Your Time In The World Here

I am so excited to invite you to this very special group session and master class on deep healing.

This session has been downloaded specifically to help you experience somatic (physical) healing and change, trauma release from mind body and energy and to activate your intuitive capacities.

Bringing you not just into alignment for the moment but allowing you to find safety and stay in the frequency of the healing you receive. The results are so fast and so tangible in your life.

The whispers that you are aware of, are the bridge to your future of unlimited potential.

Your body is the vessel that anchors these possibilities into your physical reality. The path that leads you to all your desires unfolding.

As you trust and receive from yourself, as you embody your worth and stay aligned with your capacity to hold and experience all that is available to you, you embody your divine energy.

No longer at the effect of self-sabotage, mimicked responses or old wounds creating recurring cycles.

This is divine embodiment.

Come join the very special Body Whispering X Wealth Whispering Session on healing your body, releasing trauma and embodying your intuitive gifts. This is where all worlds meet and you will get a chance to step into your highest potential without the need to back down or step away.

It’s time to heal.


Body Whispering X Wealth Whispering Group Session

$ 222 One time payment


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    2 Hour Masterclass

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    A group Body Whispering Session

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    Lifelong access to this online class

This 2-hour session includes facilitation, healing and a group session that will work at a molecular, cellular and energetic level to awaken you to your full potential and initiate you into advanced healing and divine embodiment, facilitated by the Body Whispering & Wealth Whispering energy.


Coming to you live from the Desert of Ras al Khaima at the Wealth Whispering retreat. Bring your intention for healing and change. Be willing to receive everything and more.


Our intention is to work with your body, the land and to have this powerful energy spread over the whole planet. It's time for deep healing. It's time for conscious embodiment. It's time to be awakened to your power and intuitive capacities.

Come join us.


HiI'm Dr. Adeela Afiz

A true specialist when it comes to Mind- Body - Energy transformation and healing. I'm here to help you create a life that is truly empowered,  aligned and abundant!

I've gone from being a Chiropractor in clinical practice, trading time for money, to working all over the world, creating my signature healing and coaching modalities that bring in multiple 6 figures a year and founded the Life Whispering Institute where I certify hundreds of practitioners, healers and coaches all over the world.

I have qualifications and certifications in Chiropractic, Applied Science, Neurology, Kinesiology, Coaching, countless healing modalities and more.

I have personally provided over 10,000 sessions to clients from all over the world and certified hundreds of coaches and practitioners in my modalities with astounding success rates. I am here to help you create miracles. 

My aim is simple. To help you as quickly as possible transform and heal beliefs and behaviours that are holding you back in life and business so you can truly have it all.