20 Signs Your Child May Be Anxious

  1. Chronic or ongoing complaining of tummy aches, headaches or feeling sick.
  2. Loss of appetite.
  3. Unable to fall asleep at night.
  4. Reluctant to leave the house or try new things.
  5. Overly worried or expresses concern about everyday activities you wouldn’t expect them to be worried about.
  6. Behavioural issues or outburst such as temper tantrums.
  7. Needs every little detail about upcoming plans or activities well in advance.
  8. Hypersensitivity to foods, smells, clothes or environments.
  9. Skin issues/sensitivity.
  10. Gut or digestive issues.
  11. Inexplicable illness or very low immunity.
  12. Low adaptability to different situations/environments.
  13. Does not like being out of control.
  14. Does not deal well with being out of routine or surprises.
  15. Tense body or tightly curled up hands or feet when upset or when falling asleep at night.
  16. Inexplicable tears.
  17. Saying they feel sad but they don’t know why.
  18. Gets visibly upset or wound up about being late or thinking they are late for school, etc.
  19. Saying they don’t want to do activities they would normally enjoy such as going to birthday parties, etc.
  20. Appears withdrawn, sullen or quieter than usual or appears worried a lot of the time.

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