An invitation into The immersion and activation of wealth consciousness and embodiment. 

January 31 2023 | 12:30 IST, 8pm NZT
Your Time In The World Here

This. Changes. Everything.

Wealth Whispering is a true immersion into a different world. One that will forever change your physical, energetic, conscious and subconscious understanding, experience and relationship with money, wealth and abundance.

Imagine... feeling like you have cracked the code to abundance in this lifetime.

Being able to bring the energy of your birthright- being here as an abundant being, into all areas of your existence.

So your relationships flourish.

So your body is blessed.

So your material and financial needs are more than met, you thrive. In the true sense of the word. Physically, emotionally and spiritually.

You have the confidence and can access the gifts of your soul so you start living your most aligned and vibrant life.

This is unlike anything else.

This is NOT a money mindset course.

This is NOT a business programme.

This is NOT a cognitive experience.

This programme has been channelled for those of you who are ready to have, be and experience the physical embodiment of wealth and abundance in all areas of life including material wealth and riches, love, money, business, self-worth, confidence and true empowerment and connection with source energy.

Date and Time: January 31 2023 | 12:30 IST, 8pm NZT
Your Time In The World Here

This programme is a portal that will expand your ability to have and experience wealth embodiment...NOW


You are here to EMBODY wealth on this plane. 

You may have been taught or told otherwise. Until now, your experience may be of disconnection from the wealth of your soul and the alchemy of transforming your gifts into riches. If you want to totally transform your understanding and paradigm with Money, to no longer have it be a source of tension and conflict in your life, this programme will remind you that you are literally the walking embodiment of divine energy.

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The Wealth Whispering Programme Will Change Your Life

Ready for real results?

The results from this programme are real and tangible and will last a lifetime.

Once you receive these activations, healing and transformation, you will never go back.

See the testimonials below to see how your life, confidence, self-love and divine connection will skyrocket.

Life Changing

"This is the most soft and light program I’ve been in ever in my life.
I’m changing.. I feel different."

Wealth Whispering Participant

Energy Shifting

"I am receiving so much today I can’t put it into words 😂 ease, freedom, stillness quiet. Was guided to clear everything that being still and being quiet meant to me - W O W"

Wealth Whispering Participant

This Is Life Changing... 

“Dr Adeela Afiz⁩, you changed my life with this program and I'm infinitely grateful for you and this amazing team. Love you all."


"W O W

I am nervous and excited writing this. 

My whole life I have felt both not enough and too much. I have craved validation and acceptance from others, and I have tried to get that through being perfect, the best, exactly what other people want or expect of me (people pleasing) and achieving/ performing well. So what an incredible awareness to come out of this session, the very thing I want - to be ease, power, freedom, possibility, creation - to manifest great beauty and healing and joy in the world - is also the thing I’m most afraid of because somewhere I decided if I allowed myself to be that, I would be alone and if I was alone I may as well not be here.


I am finding this energy to be EXTREMELY powerful, extremely strong and clear. It was like a very powerful healing session, and I got the awareness this energy is clearing, unblocking, aligning and strengthening my body so I can receive more in the future. 


I can’t believe this"

Wealth Whispering Participant

Meet your facilitator

hi there,

I'm Dr Adeela Afiz

Over 12 years ago when I graduated as a Chiropractor, I could not have imagined the amazing Business I have and the life I get to live now.

Evolving and growing my mindset, belief and capacity to go from being a practitioner who only worked 1:1 with clients for $50/session to being the founder of my own healing and business coaching modalites (Body Whispering and Business Whispering), the Founder of the Life Whispering Institute and having income, assets and investments worth millions of dollars has certainly been a journey.


It took me over a decade but it doesn't have to take you that long.


With the right information, aligned action and a conducive environment, you can get there so much faster.

I am going to give you everything I know to get  you there in this programme.


It's possible to have it all and I'm proof!

I'm looking forward to inviting you into my inner circle and being your cheerleader and facilitator as we experience these divine upgrades and expansion.

Words Fall Short

"I can't put into words what I feel. So grateful for the gift you are Adeela and this amazing adventure which is this wealth programme!"

Wealth Whispering Participant

I promise, if I can do it, you can too.

If you had asked me a few years ago whether I thought I would be channelling divine upgrades, getting to show up as the most authentic version of myself and living a multi-million dollar lifestyle, I would have said that's crazy. It can't be that easy. Who am I to do that?


But here we are.


If I can do this, you can too. Come join us.

Quantum Leaps

"Energies I have been asking to be and embody for years I am having quantum leaps in the depth of my experience and it’s so easy, whereas my old pattern was to work really hard for a long time and get slow gradual results. This is magic"

Wealth Whispering Participant

Self Awareness

"I feel a quantum leap in my wealth of awareness, peace, connection, confidence, support, empowerment, freedom, receiving, self-worth, ease, love, self-validation."

Wealth Whispering Participant