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is a one of a kind, global coaching programme for those looking to create a truly phenomenal life and business.

It combines coaching, facilitation and world class training from Dr Adeela Afiz and Guest experts in every area of running a business in a global economy AND includes a year long group mastermind as well as the qualification to become a certified Business Whispering Coach yourself.

This Programme is for you if:

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    You have an established business or you are already a coach or facilitator.

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    You have big demands of what you would like to create.

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    You wish to create multiple 6 to 7 figures in Business. 

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    You are ready to show up and do the work while being supported and mentored.

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    You are aware that there is a commitment required to create the life you desire.

The first step of the application process is to submit the form below

this will be followed by a one on one with Dr Adeela to ensure this is the perfect fit for you and your business at this time.


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    Monthly live Zoom Trainings

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    Monthly Live Group Mastermind

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    Private Facebook group

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    Guest Experts and Trainers

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    Bonus Gifts & Resources

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    Business Whispering Certified Coach Status*

    *Once all criteria are met including class attendance and coaching hours 

B.Y.O.E is a year long programme that brings together:

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    Business coaching and facilitation for you to create the business success you dream of.

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    A group mastermind with aligned business owners so you can network, leverage and  learn from each other.

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    The qualification and certification to make you a Certified Business Whispering® Coach  if you wish to add this feather to your cap.


The world is changing rapidly and there has never been a more important time for you to be empowered in what you do and supported in knowing that you are capable of the success you dream of, with all the resources you may need along the way.

Building your own empire doesn't happen overnight, which is why we spend a year together to really create the foundation that your empire will stand on.

No one person has all the answers,

which is why we are bringing you industry experts from different fields to help you with every aspect of global business creation, from digital marketing to finances.

The best CEO's are leaders no matter how big or small their company, so each month we share the role of leading the group mastermind by showing up to lead our peers in this group and develop our skills in a safe and honouring environment.

This will be a year of commitment to growth, development and success. You will meet peers to share your wins with and create new friendships to support you through the hard lessons with. If you are willing for it to be, it can be the year that changes everything for your life and business.

There are prerequisites for this programme.

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    You need to have an existing business that has been operating for at least a year.

    This programme is about helping you scale, grow and succeed in many areas including financially.

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    You need to have your business basics sorted and established so that we can take you to the next stage.

    (If you are not yet at that stage, the Business UPgrade Programme which is my foundational business programme may be for you! You can go on the waiting list for the next live round of that programme Here)

IF B.Y.O.E sounds like what you have been looking for, the first step is to apply.

The second stage is to have a one on one with me to ensure this is a good fit for your business at this time.


The Programme starts 1st July 2020

and you won't believe the amount of value you get in return for our introductory price. This year we are offering the ENTIRE YEAR of coaching, group mastermind, guest experts, facebook and whatsapp support as well as bonuses to be announced for

$3000 USD. That's $250USD/month

less than the cost of one personal session or call with me per month. 

The Mastermind is being added FREE OF CHARGE for the entire year. Next year this price will be increasing. For now, if you are ready to get to the next level and make your business dreams your new reality, apply below.

Please Apply Below, we will be in touch to ensure this is the perfect fit for you and your business.

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