Welcome to healing. Welcome to stepping into your capacities. Welcome to showing up in your life to create the health, wealth and business you have always desired.

Dr Adeela Afiz is a Life and Business Facilitator and Creator unlike any other. She is a visionary who champions others to see possibilities, be daring and transform their success.

Adeela works globally as a Chiropractor, Healer and Facilitator as well as providing sessions and classes online. She is the founder of Body Whispering and Business Whispering with Dr Adeela Afiz, which are classes, workshops and facilitation sessions that provides a platform for unprecedented change, awareness and a level of communion with your body and business that can be hard to find. She also specialises in and utilises Access Consciousness™, Kinesiology and several other Mind-Body techniques that identity and clear subconscious blocks, changes ingrained physical and behavioural patterns and creates remarkable success stories. It is this change in people that Adeela thrives on and continues to work her way around the globe to further facilitate.

Her clients include babies and children to the worlds top executives and CEO’S, including individuals and businesses that are some of the worlds most recognised brands and companies. She is increasingly sought after for facilitating and working with business owners and entrepreneurs who are looking to create conscious businesses as well as helping adults, babies and children with physical, emotional or behavioural concerns. If there is something in your body, health or life you would like to change, you are in the right place.

Dr Adeela is the Director of Vital Chiropractic, Family Wellness Centre in Auckland, and the co founder and presenter of The Essential Baby Help Workshops . Her clinic has become a nurturing and solution based hub for her clients and their families and she is leading the charge for living an empowered and positive life.